To Angela Gheorghiu With All Admiration

Published: 11th May 2011
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Some lines dedicated to Angela Gheorghiu with all my admiration as a fan of hers.

To Write Angela Gheorghiu’s Biography Is My Life’s Dream

An article on how to write Angela Gheorghiu’s biography would be my life’s dream come true.

For years I have been a devoted fan of not only opera but Angela Gheorghiu and it is just as long that I have considered what an honor it would be if the talent many have claimed that I posses as a writer were to be used for the task of narrating Angela Gheorghiu’s story. It being a tale of truth to include triumph in the opera while not leaving out the bitterness of growing up behind the despair that I am fully aware was the iron curtain. Angela Gheorhiu’s a biography of being able to triumph over adversity to become the grand diva she is yet hers would be more than merely that of a rising soprano. Angela Gheorghiu being such a lady of passion in all she does that it would be her persona, elevating itself above even the events of her life to make them pale in comparison to the personality she is. It being my hope that my talent with words suffice that I might with justice and merit present her life on to those who like myself be adoring fans of hers.

Sensuality With Angela Gheorghiu

To engage in acts of sensuality with Angela Gheorghiu would be as if a dream on to me who does so much admire the opera as well as her lovely persona with temperament of diva ever true while figure of pure female sexuality does complete an angelic portrait.

That Angela Gheorghiu’s body might with wings covered in silk elevate mine in flight of fantasy is but heaven.

That her voice might soar to highs of Tosca is beauty in forms far beyond what dreams or words might describe yet I dare seek them.

That Angela Gheorghiu’s rose of black night, as her mane long bear the caresses of lips in kiss of tempestuous nature is but wonder of imagination yet mine is to hope.

That Angela Gheorghiu provide sighs of operatic delight as my being bring them about in carnality is but folly yet I do wish it as the star of the north is bright.

Fragrance Of Angela Gheorghiu

A few phrases regarding Angela Gheorghiu’s fragrance while playing the role of Violetta in Verdi’s "La Traviata".

Angela Gheorghiu makes her entrance on to the bedroom in the late hours of evening and is she a grand sight? This that which need not be proclaimed beyond her mere presence to exclaim all that she be to the eye of mine ever captivated. It being with black silks to decorate legs of ivory white sexuality that she glide upon while lingerie of pearl shades lures my imagination. It seeking beyond that which be dedicated to the eye while it be Angela Gheorghiu to provide true grandness on to wears of elegance along with the room which with her vision is beautified while the fragrance of her femininity is tenderly released.

The delicate scent of Angela Gheorghiu yet not of perfume to be purchased in bottles but of her feminine perspiration of sweetness to descend from tender breasts of damsel while it be the fragrance of sexuality from the flower of her sexuality to entice. A rose of night in mystery be that which merit caress of tact or tongue seeking the exquisite to the palate. Ay, harmonies to the sense of smell they be as her soprano voice be to that of hearing when she but open lips of rosé to deliver sighs of "Sempre Libera".

White Silks Of Angela Gheorghiu

A few phrases of Angela Gheorghiu in stockings of silk.

Angela Gheorghiu makes strides with legs ever lovely in shape sensual while silks of cream color serve but to mark lines of lady refined. Angela Gheorghiu be figure of delight in meadow on day of sun as if painted by Manet. Angela Gheorghiu in dress to blend with beauty of scenery, cascading over body delicate of opera deity yet in flight of butterfly wings covered in silk are but slight glimpses of heavenly light. A sight to create wonder on to eye of invader, to feast upon flesh of beauty nay caressed by threads of fashion.

Angela Gheorghiu’s Bonnet

A few lines dedicated to Angela Gheoghiu in the light of the sun.

Angela Gheorghiu be figure of beauty on day of blazing sun yet it be bonnet of finest threads to cover precious mane of dark mystery as to nay permit glare of Apollo’s light to intrude upon skin a pale shade. Angela’s eyes seeking from under pleasant shadow as if with gaze blessing all whom be about with grace of lady of charm. It be smile to capture moment in her warmth as with head held high Angela completes portrait of loveliness.

Angela Gheorghiu’s Rose

Phrases regarding Angela Gheorghiu’s most intimate flower.

Angela’s rose be black pearl

swathed in deluxe crimson silk of the orient

dearly cherished as jewel of deity

Angela’s rose be moist flower

delicate dew, delight of spring rain

Angela’s rose be exquisite fragrance

of feminine sensual perfume

Angela’s rose be satin to the touch of palate

To Awaken With Angela Gheorghiu

A few lines on the beauty of seeing Angela Gheorghiu or what I perceive to be as such; after having spent the night with her in the society of her womanly charms.

To see Angela Gheorghiu

eyes shade a blue bright

rise as does morrow of light

oh, such would it be delight

To sense Angela Gheorghiu

breath of sensual fragrance

sweet taste of romance

lovely enchantment

To stroke Angela Gheorghiu

ivory delicate skin

with that of mine

ever in care tender

as wee hours stir emotion

as Angela be dream of sensation

To hear Angela Gheorghiu

as loveliest harmony of nature

yowl of passion desperate

canary in feminine beauty

melodious voice of sexuality

all be mine of treasure

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