Elena Georgian, Romanian Soprano And Dedicated Mother

Published: 30th January 2012
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An article about the up and coming Romanian soprano who is not only an aspiring opera performer but a loving mother to her daughter as well as being a close friend of mine.

As an opera fan I am always looking out for new singers and talents who are carrying on the grandness of opera started so many years ago by Monteverdi and continued by so many greats through out history such as Mozart, Wagner, Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Bizet and many others. It being in my opinion every generation which brings about its own group of perhaps not so much composers now a days but interpreters of the highest quality to continue the wondrous culture which is the opera. These interpreters of today’s generation including such greats as Alagna, Villazon, Flores among the gentlemen while for the ladies, it is Bartoli, Garanca, Netrebko and Gheorghiu to represent them with equal talent and passion.

Opera being a source of culture which never fails to produce those who always bring something new to this lovely art in a way which adds something personal from their artistic emotions. This an excitement and talent which can clearly be found in the Romanian opera soprano, Elena Georgian whom I have the honor of being able to count as one of my friends. Elena Georgian, a singer who at only 28 years of age is still young and developing as she has yet to finish her studies yet shows a voice with enormous potential. Elena Georgian having the soul of an opera singer along with the talent that might some day see her become one of the best in her generation.

As for my personal relationship with Elena Georgian, we met on Twitter and instantly became friends. Elena striking me as being not only a most talented soprano with a tremendous future but a most delicate person; who in her graceful beauty captures the essence of such characters as Violetta (La Traviata) or Mimi (La Boheme). It being in her gentle appearance and eyes that one can feel not only the warm person she is but the passion she has for singing. Specially when she is on stage performing with her wonderful voice as well as all her attributes of grace and elegance to be just ideal for those roles so cherished through out the opera world. Elena in fact one who enjoys the spotlight and seems to shine in it as she lets her voice bring to life all the music she so tenderly sings.

As for Elena, she apart from being a great soprano in the making; is also a dedicated mother who lives with her husband in Bucharest. Elena being a very hard working person who is completing her studies while working as both a piano and singing instructor in order to help support her two year old daughter. Elena having mentioned on more than one occasion how much she enjoys spending time with her daughter; whom she wishes she could spend more time with yet constantly occupies her mind. All of which making me admire Elena all the more as I witness for myself, how with so much devotion; she is able to pursue a career while at the same time being up to the task of taking care of a lovely small child; who is so much a part of her life as to make her aspire for so much.

There are many more things I could say about Elena Georgian in the half year since we met on the internet, apart from her talent and devotion to her craft along with the way she is a lady of ambition. Elena being one who in hard times and in a country without as many means as some of the richer countries of Europe, is trying so hard to make a success of herself yet one thing comes most to mind when I think about my friend Elena. It being in the way she tries so hard in all she does and seems to enjoy life so much with an optimism which in a way makes me want to constantly cheer her on in her career so that she one day might reach the same stardom as her fellow Romanian; Angela Gheorghiu.

Elena Georgian even giving me the impression that she in many ways is a younger version of the now world famous Angela Gheorghiu. This in the way Elena sparkles on stage with not only her voice which she is constantly improving not only in technique but in range but in the way she seems to feel the roles she plays. As for myself, I am most proud to be Elena Georgian’s friend and would like to recommend to all who have not yet had the good fortune to hear her that they look her up on youtube as soon as possible. Elena in many ways also bringing to mind the characters I created in my book “New York’s Opera Society” who are a part of the grand culture that is opera and who in their enthusiasm bring something ever so delightful to the world and society as a whole.

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